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Alkaline Mineral Spa

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FILTER YOUR TAP WATER-With Bath & Relax Filtered Shower head with Bioactive Mineral Stone Help Purifies Water and other impurities. Improved cleansing effect and hair loss prevention - Rejuvenates Skin
Inline 3 Filter-Removes Over 98% of chlorine For SOFTER, SMOOTHER, CLEANER Skin, and Hair. With the purifying effect of the Bioactive stones our shower heads will help you restore balance.
WATER SAVING FEATURE- Micro Nozzle mechanism saves water by as much as 30%. Strong Stainless Steel Head Panel. Shower head has tiny water holes and special structure to reach water-saving effect. Laser Perforated Technology Feature with a Flow Rate of 6.7-6.8L/minute at 0.25Mpa
EASY INSTALLATION-Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds,and You're Ready To Go ( Hose not Included ).
* Far infrared mineralized ball, negative ion ball, ball of energy´╝îeliminate fatigue´╝îimprove brain function, promote metabolism, increase cell viability.
* International common interface water saving
* Suitable for Men, Women, Children and Pets
* Environmental protection as a whole removable for easy cleaning
* Durable without deformation