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Alkaline Glass Counter Filtration Water Dispenser

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 pH RECHARGE Glass Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer - BRAND NEW!

We’re proud of our proprietary PH001 filter recipe, made from the highest quality materials with great benefits for you and your loved ones:

✓ Increases pH and produces small molecular sized structured ionized water.

✓ Breaks down water molecules into structured patterns recognized by your cells for easy absorption and better hydration.

✓ Filters out particles and impurities, like sand and dust.

✓ Reduces the negative potential of the water (ORP), creating high antioxidant water neutralizing free radicals on a cellular level.

✓ Removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals.

✓ Remineralizes water adding iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, lithium, iodine and other minerals and trace elements.

✓ Improves the taste and smell of water.


And some more good news? It has a HUGE CAPACITY. Every PH001 filter equals to 1500 cups / 96 gallons / 360 litres of water, so if you choose the 3F model you're getting 4500 cups / 288 gallons / 1080 litres of clean water.


Do you want even more? Add our powerful PH002 UF Membrane Filter to your order. With an impressive capacity of 4200 Cups / 264 Gallons / 1000 Litres you will experience a superior, long lasting water filtration - it’s the ultimate combination.​​​​​​​