Energy Infused Candles

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Energy Infused Candles
Energy Infused Candles
Energy Infused Candles


Energy Infused Candles 🕯 

Healing Heart ❤️
Rose Quartz & Rose Petals 

Toxins Cleanse

Tourmaline & Coconut Charcoal


Revitalize & Recharge

Clear Quartz & Eucalyptus 


Tranquillity & Peace

Amethyst & Lavender


Coconut wax does make beautiful candles, with some great benefits as well. Coconut wax, unlike some other waxes, is sustainable. It is a renewable resource that is made without pesticides or chemicals.

Being clean-burning, coconut wax candles do not produce any harmful chemicals when they are lit up, and they have an amazing scent throw, easily filling up a room with their aroma.

Coconut wax is one of the slowest burning waxes and will burn for 50% longer than most other candle waxes. Clean, long-lasting, and slow-burning, coconut wax is an excellent candle wax choice, and paired with the right wick, will last for a substantial amount of time in your home!