Cleanse Your Space Kits

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Cleanse Your Space Kits
Cleanse Your Space Kits
Cleanse Your Space Kits



-clear dull energy + refresh the senses

-each kit has a specific purpose


With every day feeling like a new challenge, transform your space into a self-care sanctuary for at-home healing. From daily trials or change in life’s  path to heavy detox necessities, each box is individualized & personalized for what you need.

Our heavy spiritual detox box is the most personalized kit. This kit starts with a conversation regarding your personal struggles and will be used to customize and charge the items to best heal your needs!




Signature Scent Candle                                                                             

Infuse your space with positivity. Let the aroma of Frankincense cleanse + clear while Bergamot calms + delights. It’s made with all-natural coconut wax, essential oils + recycled glass. Heal for real in the comfort of your own home.  Candle size 10 oz. with 40-hour burn time.


SMUDGED Cleanse + Protect Spray                                                                              

The scent of this crystal-infused, Peruvian Agua de Florida spray is light with citrus + clove notes, and instantly uplifts the energy in any space. Spray for general room cleansing or to freshen up bed linens + towels. 2oz reusable  spray bottle with essential oils.


WTHN Palo Santo Bundle                                                                                         

Palo Santo, aka “Holy Wood,” has been used for generations to help clear negative energy. The WTHN Bundle is ethically + sustainably sourced from naturally-fallen Palo Santo trees. Its calming aroma is perfect for meditation, ritual or just keeping the peace. Burn with intention to cleanse, manifest + de-stress your space. Bundle includes three 4” Palo Santo sticks.


Crystals To Cleanse

Clear Quarts , Selenite (peach or clear), Blue Kyanite



Grounding Meditation

(Londrelle Self Care Package) 🎼

“Trust Your Path , Trust Your Journey, Trust… Release all fears.  I Am Completely Here & At Peace, I Am Completely Now & At Peace, I Am Completely Present & At Peace. My minds completely present & calm. My body is free & calm. My souls is free & calm. I am free & calm. I AM FREE x3” 

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