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Hand wire wrapped Genuine Crystal necklace

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Each necklace is made to order with a genuine tumbled malachite stone hand wire wrapped and hung on your choice of either a real leather cord necklace or a sterling silver or gold chain with a lobster clasp.

The necklace is handmade; the stone is carefully selected for its size, symmetrical shape and coloring. This is a unique one of a kind handmade necklace for those who enjoy reiki, healing stones, crystals and the metaphysical. The necklace comes from a smoke free environment frequency cleansed & charged.

Please note: because the stones are authentic / natural stones, the necklaces and stones are all different and unique please look through all photos to get a sense of what yours will look like. While the stones are each selected due to their similar shape, color and texture there are some minor differences each necklace is unique and no two necklaces are the same.


Stone Name: Malachite, Molochites, Mountain Green, Pilot's Stone, Peudoemerald, Silver Peak Jade

Stone Specifics: Stone of Transformation

Stone Color: Green

Meanings: Malachite is particularly useful for balancing and clearing the heart chakra. Its primary energy is generally associated with the heart chakra.

Stone Origin: Malachite was named for the Greek word for "mallows" as relating to the green of the leaves.

Chakra: Heart