Liquid Chlorophyll Drops 2 Oz., Internal Deodorizer Energy Booster 50mg

The Valor Connection

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  • Liquid Chlorophyll drops made with all natural chlorophyll from mulberry leaves. 

  • The detoxification properties of liquid chlorophyll help clear up problem skin and conditions such as acne

  • Liquid Chlorophyll is full of antioxidants which will naturally help you with your weight management goals, by eliminating toxins chlorophyll drops in water provide a gentle digestive cleanse of your intestines and liver, reducing gas and bloating and eliminating built up bodily waste and promoting regular movements

  • Chlorophyll is Nature’s deodorant; liquid chlorophyll will naturally eradicate body odor and aid bad breath by cleansing blood and breaking down the compounds which create odor issues. Just a few drops of our chlorophyll water will keep you looking, feeling and smelling fresh all day

  • Give yourself a continued and natural energy boost, at a cellular level, with liquid chlorophyll that lasts throughout the day