LUCID DREAMING Handcrafted Tea Blend

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LUCID DREAMING Handcrafted Tea Blend
Ingredients: Mugwort, Raspberry Leaves & Peppermint Leaves

Mugwort, Or ‘Artemisia Vulgaris’ is a herb that lives in Northern Europe, Asia, Alaska and North America. It’s said to produce vivid dreams with those who consume it.

This is because it makes your dreams more vivid, improves recall and has been said to give ‘divine visions’. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘travellers protection herb’.

The active compound in Mugwort is ‘Thujone’, and it’s reported to be like a ‘stepping stone’ to lucid dreams. It pushes your brain in the right direction but it isn’t a substitute for learning how to lucid dream.

Mugwort is and has been used for several things:

⚡To enhance Lucid Dreaming and dream recall.

⚡To stimulates menstruation & have a regular menstrual cycle.

⚡To sooth stomach upsets.

⚡To calm people down (It relaxes the nervous system)

⚡To treat gastric/Skin disorders

NOTE: Don’t take if pregnant!
If you’re pregnant, or think you’re pregnant, DO NOT USE MUGWORT. It stimulates menstruation, and it’s been said to induce a period in women. Some people use it to ease the passing of their ‘time of the month’ so don’t use it if you even think you’re pregnant.

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