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33-minute Reiki Refresh Meditation with Wisty 🤍

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Join WISTY every TUESDAY 5:30PM at our Burlington Mall location for a 33-minute Reiki-infused meditation experience to recalibrate your energy centers and allow the flow of well-being.

Wisty's Reiki Refresh Meditations are a ~*magical unique blend*~ of Reiki energy healing, sound healing, and meditation!

🙌Reiki (loosely translated as "Universal energy" or "Spiritual influence" in Japanese) is an energy healing modality from Japan that is based on the understanding of the body's energy system that helps to restore balance and activate the natural healing processes in the body. Reiki can also help recalibrate the chakra centers and promotes mental clarity & spiritual connection.

🥣Sound healing aka vibrational medicine or sound therapy is an energy healing practice that uses the vibration of sounds to invite and activate the healing processes of the physical and energetic body of the listener. It is used for many benefits, including stress relief and assisting the parasympathetic nervous system to do its thing (rest & digest!). It can amplify the vibration of your intentions during meditation and activate deeper brainwaves states (from Beta to Alpha→Theta→Delta)! 🤯

🧘🏻‍♀️Meditation is a practice of being present and allowing the mind to focus on a simple thought (your breathing, a sound, a movement) to allow your vibration to recalibrate to your natural frequency state💗

Wisty will guide you through this relaxing healing experience, allowing yourself to receive and energetically soak in the high vibrational energy. 🙏💞

Benefits of Reiki:

🌟Adapts to the needs of each recipient to promote balance & harmony
🌟Influences every cell of the body to activate healing processes
🌟Promotes self-healing, pain relief & relaxation
🌟Helps reduce stress & anxiety
🌟Balances & re-aligns your energy body & chakras
🌟Helps improve sleep & immune system
🌟Promotes self-awareness & creativity
🌟Helps release blocked energies or emotions
🌟Pairs well with medical treatments and helps accelerate recovery
🌟Promotes mental & emotional clarity

🌈All ages, bodies, and walks of life are welcomed! This is an LGBTQ+ friendly, non-discriminatory safe space for you to receive the healing you need. Every human can receive the benefits of reiki, as long as they are open to receiving🙏