Turmeric & Honey Face Wash

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Turmeric & Honey Face Wash

Our turmeric all natural face wash is gentle and won’t strip your skin leaving you dry.
The powerful combination of turmeric and honey will leave your skin refresh and glowing.

✅Helps lessen Breaks-out

✅Lightens dark spots

✅ Brings out your natural glow

✅ Reduce Acne Scarring


✅Calms chaotic skin

🌿Organic Turmeric Powder:
Turmeric is the most commonly spice used in Indian cuisine. But it’s amazing benefits goes beyond the kitchen. Used for centuries in skincare regimes in the Ayurveda tradition.

🌿Use topically will aid in brightening skin and achieve a healthier natural glow and clear skin.

🍯 Raw Manuka HONEY

Manuka plant is native to New Zealand,
honey is a natural exfoliator, which means applying it to your face takes off dry, dull skin and reveals new radiant skin underneath.

-Free of Paraben, formaldehyde.
-Nourishing formula ideal for the most sensitive skin.
-Organic ingredients.
-Naturally scented with a blend of essential oils that will help clear your complexion and speed up blemishes and breaks out.

🌺How to use: massage onto skin and rinse off with warm water. Avoid near the eyes.

✨✨BEST TO USE Within 2 months. Each batch is made fresh weekly for best results.

🍃NO Harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance were use in this cleanser.