Yoni Steam Herbal Blend

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Yoni means sacred space in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Yoni Steaming is a very ancient practice which originated in Africa. Women from all over the world practice Yoni Steams regularly to both prevent and heal many of the womb issues that are common to women here in the Western world. Our Yoni Steam Herbal Blend assist in healing the womb from various imbalances including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, fibroids, cysts, fertility, irregular cycles, miscarriage and menstrual pain.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals, Lavender, Yarrow, & Calendula

This is a guide to reclaiming your sacred, divine, feminine space.

How to Yoni Steam:

1. Take 1 handful of Yoni Steam Herbal Blend and soak in 3 quarts purified water overnight.

2. To prepare steam, heat herbs and water on stove to reach a boil. Turn water off and let sit uncovered for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, test steam to ensure it’s not too hot. To test, place forearm over stream to feel the temperature. You want the steam to be warm, not hot.

3. When the desired temperature is reached, it is time to steam your Yoni. Place herbal steam in large pot, bowl or bucket. Squat or sit over steam. The more you open your hips the better.

4. Cover yourselves from the waist down with a skirt and/or towels so that the vapor will not escape. Wear socks.

5. Let the steam penetrate the walls of your vagina for at least 20 minutes.  Continue to steam as long as you can.

6. While steaming, focus on you! Focus on your health. Focus on what you want to release. Take the time to listen to your womb.

7. After your Yoni Steam, take at least 15 minutes to lay down and relax. This is the most important part. Let the healing sink in.

8. Return the herbs and water used for the Steam back to Mother Earth. Pour anywhere there is soil.